Sofia Kungl (szoszo) wrote in hardware,
Sofia Kungl

HP laptop screen came off...

Hello everyone,

I have had a HP Compaq nx6310 for two and a half years now and tonight I managed to literally break the screen off. I wanted to lift the machine off my lap by grabbing the top of the open screen and one of the hinges simply gave and I can't really tell but it seems it broke out of the case. A small screw socket broke out entirely and the hinge wouldn't rotate around since then.

I don't really have time to go to a service and I don't think there's any insurance on it anymore so I just wanted to ask if anyone experienced something similar with any laptop and if it's worth it to take it to a service, are they able to do anything with it and will it cost me a fortune?

There's nothing wrong with how the screen itself works, no wires broke and it still looks like it did before. Only I can't adjust the screen without having to work around two wires (a black and a white one) and I have trouble with closing the laptop.

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