The One & Only Bee (crazybee) wrote in hardware,
The One & Only Bee

Good Mice or other pointing devices?

Right then folks I'm in the market for a new mouse. My second Microshite Intelli mouse is dying. Anyone know of any good mice that have the same functions as the Intelli one ? Wireless mice any good? Maybe a different kind of pointing device all together like a tablet?

~ B ~
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I swear by the Logitech G5 and it's brethren. Great mice.
thanks will check them out
I use a Logitech G9, which is great, but that's mainly for gaming purposes. The MX series in general though, is an excellent way to go.
Forgot to include the link. Specs here.
thanks for the linky, the G9 looks like a mouse on warp speed. but the MX look pretty decent, will check those bad boys out.

I've had the same Intellimouse Explorer 3-button for like 10 years, and it's still going strong. They're actually my favorite mice, at least the ones they were making back then. I don't like the feel of logitech mice as much for whatever reason.
i luv my Intellimouse too but this is my second one to go on me, I've had them long time so I think I need a change anyways
You'll find the same functions in pretty much any mid or high range mouse. They're also pretty uniformally good and fast. What matters the most is how you like the ergonomics. I prefer flat, smaller mice, which makes me a fan of Razer and some Logitechs. I can't stand the tall Intellimice, nor the taller Logitech ones. Not because there's anything wrong with them, but because they don't work with how I hold my hand.

Go to a Best Buy or something and get a feel for the various mice there. Decide from that what fits your needs the best. You will not have a problem with functionality, pretty much no matter what mouse you end up with.

Tablets are good for specialized tasks, and so are touch pads. I love the touch pad on my Macbook Pro, but that's really the first one I find comes even close to a mouse in utility. It's nowhere near a mouse in ergonomics though. And a tablet is no good for general purpose tasks while it will excel at drawing of various kinds.
yeah I hear what your saying, I'm gonna go into PC world and play about with them, find one I like and buy it from Amazon as its so much cheaper than PC World :P